Thursday, March 29, 2007

silly snow...dont you know its SPRING?

Well who would have guessed we were goin to have one more BIG dump like that ???? wow that was amazin!!!! When the sUn peeked out today i was blown away at the beauty that was surrounding me...even if it was snow...arrg. It is good to hear that some where blessed by all this white stuff..i am still wondering if i was betrayed in someway?!?..[U know who you are !!!(snicker,snicker)].. No worries my love for those/that silly loved one is much bigger.
Hey i helped a guy out today..on the way to workout. i towed him back to the main road. (which was a pushable distance) ahhh another Ford helpin' the unfortunate out....Yes i am grinning. was/is a good moment..
Well i am off to conquer something...prob the

NOW To my beloved SNoW prayer'...stop. You must sTop...its SPRING and you had your time now its OURS...this is the last 'dump' i more. One has to let go.. Fall will be here soon enough..then you can plea all you want. BuT it is SPRING and one needs it GREEN!!!!ok??? please..

PS ...put away those skates....its offically SWIMMING season...well at least for US...waaaahoooo!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

its always winter and never Christmas......

It feels a bit chilly out to say the least...major slush snow. YUK...Well soon it will be so hot we all can complain on how we have to live at the LAKE....waaaaaaaaaa..
guess i was too tired to have a run tonight anyways...NOT

i am thinking of putting up a tree....maybe i should do a little Christmas shopping too, ..except all those Easter bunnies keep getting in the way....(snicker snicker)

.....this too will pass.... are you kidding me?? put on some woolies, get your skates re-sharpened, and start thinking snowmen..cus its here for another 4 weeks... just kidding.. by tomorrow its history...(hope hope)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

sUnny days keeping the clouds away..on my way....

maybe i should get my dog one of these ..hahaha
My first bike ride this year, went as i suspected... draggin a dog, chasin a kid and i gather my face said it all, "is that pain coming from my real butt?" --haha-- but it did feel good. i can say i like that kinda workout pain now, without feeling like i am pretending. Its vigorating, inspiring, its hard blasted work and you feel like giving up or dieing or....or (blessed sUnbeams shine down) like your body is strengthing. These last few miles of 'gettin in shape' journey has been rewarding..not in huge ways ..but big enough to notice a difference...YAHHHH. So i am sooo thankful today is a good day...and that ever so noticably the "good days" are out numbering the bad ones...and i so love that.


i had such a good run last night, was my best one yet... it was the longest one yet. i think it might have been Jessica's doing. 8km...that kinda blew my thinking alot about it.... i had better push myself a bit more if i think i will be at all worthy of runnin with come Jess thanks for some extra motivation last night.(smile) My youngest son came with me. (what a kid- he wants to be in shape for soccer..whoot whoot) We often go for a walk, although he mostly takes his bike these days.... but last night he reminded me i need to do some of that too. Half way around the HIlls he says to me "my butt really hurts" hahaha.. i was of course simpithetic.. 'HAHAHA' ..poor kid. Anyways it got me thinking about riding and how those 'butt' muscles have to really firm up or yeah it does hurt. So if you see a wild girl on a bike, draggin a dog, chasin a kid and looking like she might be in pain...LOL its probably me getting my butt in shape. lol...
on that note i used up a 14.5 inches now..whoot whoot! (that was 10.5inches this last month) Hey i am feeling pretty good about that. Slow on the weight loss...only 4lbs ...but i am workin on it.

i hear a lot of roosterin this morning..(sigh my poor neighbours)....someone [middle son] forgot to shut the coop doors last sorry....kinda late now...Some geese just flew over and were hoonkin as geese do ....but in my mind they were sayin.. "shut the yell up!!! People dont want to hear yah!!!"... lol-- ok time for some coffee...

Monday, March 26, 2007

is it worth it?....

So is it a marvelous Monday for you? Rain and all?? Mine was better than last week.. still hard at it..and we caught a huge one two nights ago, and a itty bitty one today..MICE (grrr)...if you don't know what i am talkin' about.. hehe My dad was so surprised that i am still cleaning...heck i have four more rooms to clean..but the kitchen is almost done...sigh that was a tryin week.
On a funnier note.. on the way to workout this afternoon .. just down from my house i spot a bike that made my head glance back. 'Humm' says me, 'that looked a lot like my husbands old bike'...well i almost headed back home ...but really...who cares?? i left it and thinking of it, behind in the ditch. One hour later when i drove was still there ...2 seconds driving into my driveway confirmed it. Yup it was my husbands rejected bike..LOL haha someone stole a flat tired, jammed up chain, plus the frame is rusty, old bike....hahaha ...sorry but thats so funny. Its been sitting against the fence for half a year....someone last night thought 'dang that looks good'...(must have been dark) 'think i will take it.' .. haha they couldn't even push the thing further than 5 houses up...haha Well we brought it home and i feel like putting up a sign or something?...maybe a chain-of-bells or ....(evil laugh--i do still have my electric fencin' ....nah that would be mean...hahaha)
Well it gave me a good laugh. Guess thats why my dog was spazin out some last night...i was bloggin i just thought it was the neighbour kids...might have been i oh well hopefully we will be targeted as the junk-neighbours..nothing worth stealin t/here..move on.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

RuN rUn ...or wAlk....hehe

i went off this afternoon and chased the sUn...almost had it on the old bridge...dang got away..then near the the overpass...haha i'm just not fast enough...then low and behold i ran down our hill and i had it...(still wells me eyes up)... sUnshine is so felt like God Himself had given it to me ...out of pity or victory.. i'm not sure..but either one i don't mind. SO if your wondering where the sUn is today, i not only caught it..i roped it too! HAHA Hauled that beaut over to my house...where it keeps trying to get away..haha but my rope is pretty tough...and i got the boyz out there keeping a eye on it....
ps it is now taking me a mer 1hr 1/2 to walk the bridges...i cut it by a half an hour.. hey i will take what i can get... when i started it was 2 hours...(yikes)... Have a fun least i am hoping you all the best.

PPS...Greg you cant know how i happy i was to see your comment on my last post... sniff sniff.. i love you. Chat soon!!! hope its not to crazy for you.

Friday, March 23, 2007

smiling again....

A few things that make me smile...

clean bathrooms with tulips/flowers...(so nice, thanks Alley)

sUnshine when i drink my morning cup of coffee (i would take it anytime though-sUnshine & coffee that is)

comments on my blog (sweetness)

seeing my name added to your link bar....(really? wow--gee thanks!!)

hearing that you read my blog but dont comment ... yet (smile)

hearing my boyz laugh... always makes me smile.

walking with my dog (he is such an encouragement, i could write a whole entry just about him)

compliments from my husband...(its good to feel loved)

swimming under water...(i am a mermaid) LOL,.. been swimming lately..

RUNNING ( hahaha ) down the turf in Terrace..LOL that makes me laugh out loud really...and if you have seen me ...haha you know what i am talking about...haha

feeling light and healthy after working i love that...

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thanks Jenny...

Jenny you are so sweet to think of me... this is the cool link Jenny sent me. Smart very smart..i wouldnt get to touch their dead corps anymore..but maybe i'd get to smash them with a sledge hammer... oh sorry, i am a tad morbid this last week concerning MICE. Here is the LINK
It's a good idea. i might try it tonight...hehe i will let you know how it all works out (...evil laugh.....)
i think i will/i better go for a walk tonight.. i do belive i need some air....

mice are not nice.

Well its Day 4 of a long week .... arrg
Normaly i think a week off with the kids is fun. We don't usally 'do' anything but we have fun ..sleepins and stayup lates..hehe nice, easy... make chocolate chip cookies...have friends over.
Not this week... grrr ... we have known that there are mice ...but i guess with Spring coming everyone got cozy... double grrr... and they all (not really) MOVED In my kitchen. AHHHHHHH
i have too many open cupboards or this might not be so bad? but it is bad. oh is it ever. So i did what i thought the best thing ...i cleaned the downstairs kitchen, the kitchen with lots of cupboards. Although it wasnt 'used' it was dirty. and i noticed some holes to be patched... some cupboard doors to be all is well now.. and ALOT of the dishes are cleaned and put away...but mercy.. still sooo many to do..stuff like tins, pans, racks, pots, that dang plastic stuff that i put in a basket...sigh ..yes i do have a dishwasher...Thankfully the first two days i had it workin its weight, but now its all elbow grease and mouse $^!+ .....sigh i've been on the snap line girls.. i have thought during this i might not make it... Gee what a lot of bleach, time and ick.... We did manage to snap (hehe) two mice in a half/hour the first night (sunday)..then two more the next mornings. And we have restorted to poision.. Yesterday i didn't have a kill... but this morning low and behold we got two!!..HAHAHA (total evil laugh) even now as i sit here the dead corps are waiting to be thrown out...after my coffee...(more laughter) i may need professional help after this least my family will. If you phone me and i seem strung out..i am. If you greet me up town (getting more poisoin & traps..and bleach) sorry if i dont smile... and the gross workman clothes, yeah thats gross.. so don't hug me. i am no where near the end of the tunnel... but the sunshine we had yesterday helped. At least when i went outside
for bleach-detox, for a moment it felt nice. ...with coffee. Btw, yes we need a cat i know..but i have a very strong man opinion that has said 'never'. Plus he is allergic to them. His eyes go all blood shot and look inside out, and then there is the breathing thing... well actually the lack of breathing. SO although yes we need one...we can't at this time. i have been praying for a weasel though. Hope you all the best spring break day...chow.

update: March 23rd time 11:20pm
Well last night i got one more..thats SEVEN now..hahaha none this morning but no fresh $^!+ either so maybe we are wining??...i felt some better today..thanks friends..prayer does ease the mind/heart.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Oranges... i never knew just how wonderful they are for you... so this post is for the orange lover or soon to be...but nevertheless for the orange!

Taken from Smart Muffins:
Grated Orange Rind:
Grated orange rind is not only for its wonderful flavor, but also for its many important nutrients- vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, trace minerals, and the important bioflavenoids which strengthen cartilage, preventing varicose veins, bleeding gums, and a host of other ailments.
Here's how to have an endless supply: Every time you use an orange, wash it thoroughly with a stiff brush, then dry it. Using a vegetable peeler, peel off the orange layer of skin. Wrap this skin in paper toweling and place it in a warm place to dry. When it is dry and brittle, store it in a jar. When a recipe calls for orange rind, put a handful of these dried rinds in your seed mill, coffee grinder, or blender. You'll have lovely fresh-ground orange rind with an enticing aroma and flavor.

Orange-Date Muffins from Muffin Mania

1 whole orange
1/2 c. orange juice
1/2 c. chopped dates
1 egg
1/2 c. butter
1 1/2 c. flour (reg/whole wheat)
3/4 c. sugar (or other sweetener / i like splenda)
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt

Cut the orange into pieces to remove seeds.

Drop piceces into blender with 1/2 c. orange juice and whirl until peel is finely chopped.

Drop in the dates, egg, and butter. Give blender a short whirl.

Stir together the dry ingredients into medium bowl.

Pour orange mixture over and stir only until moistened.

Bake 375* for 15-20 minutes. Yields -9-10 large muffins

These are simply scrumpish!!! a really tasty treat.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

almost St Patricks Day...

Being so close to St Patrick's Day i thought we could start here is a Patty's Day Quiz for all you skilled bloggers...hehe

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

wishful stuff...

i am thinking this might be my new crocs....they are 'silverclouds' and i really like them...i will need to see if bOb will bring this kind in ... also around every coner..hehe is a new little cap...crocs have apparel.. go figure.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

spring ahead....go to bed....

oh joy,... we once again need to move our 'hour hand'...ahead an hour.
i have never liked the time change...either ahead or back...i like it to just stay the same...but ahead seems closer to spring i guess in this moment of thinking warm sunny thoughts....its ok. maybe

Friday, March 09, 2007


Here they new trail runners. The Saucony Labyrinth.....i am so lovin' them. BTW there is a runners clinic coming in April. Interested???as much as me?? DATES: April 12th Thursday 6-8/ April 13th Friday 6-8/ and April 14th 9-11 $25$ per day or $60$ for all. All-Seasons has the sign-up sheets and'll see my name there. haha, yeah....i am sooo stoked!!

update...time: 8:25pm Just tested those beauts out..nice..they are so lite...yet wonderfully sturdy. Yup, i ran. My first 'outdoors' run this year. i simply feel wonderful....and its not even SPRING yet!!! oh joy.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

trail runners....

TRAIL RUNNERS.....who would have thought??? i am so pleased that this is available.

i tried on several pairs today .... but only one is calling so far.. i really like the 'looks' of shoes..but really its the feet that win. Which is a good thing because comfort is all i am thinking about when i am pretending to run.

did you know that there is a running club?? i am shocked. someday i hope i can run well enough to join running clubs....untill then...hehe i dream of running well...

Monday, March 05, 2007

hasn't it been raining alot.....

now if i had one of these i might enjoy all the

PS. i had a nice walk wasn't pouring just a lite drizzle...

its here...

so far this is what it looks like...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

To my brother...

Greg, i wanted you to know how grateful i am that you gave Mom such a wonderful trip.... i have only spoken to her briefly today and i know how happy you made her. What a precious time...You are so kind. As ever, i love you...and i am so proud of you. Family ...hehe we can be the best and ours, well, WE love you so much Greg. This trip has ment so much to all of us. And through Mom we will be hearing tales of England for a long time yet...especially those of the 'little people' oh that was rich....
its raining outside ...jer and i just got back from a walk...we put on our comfy clothes and we are going to watch a movie with the boyz... with popcorn....wish you were here...[[hugs]]

its raining out....i miss u ...i love u...i am prayin' for you always.....

back to rAin....

well .... i am going to seem like a complainer...its sooo cold and wet!!! sigh..oh well can't beat em' ..jOin them..... so with that pep talk, i am off to walk the bridges....rain coat, mud pants and a warm no slickers (gumboots) though...maybe i need to get some of those...
We had other plans today but as we all know, you can make all the plans you want...doesnt mean that it will happen. ....have a good one.

Friday, March 02, 2007

bah humbug....

DID SOMEONE ASK OLD MAN WINTER TO GIVE US A GOOD OLLE SNOW STORM??? Who was it?? Common tell us..? we wont hurt i mean, be mad.....

wow is it ever snowing out...not that it is all bad ... i just don't really wanna walk the bridges with this weather...guess it'll leave soon enough... and i am pleasently tired today anyhow...ok just tired. Who am i fooling there ain't no pleasent about it. lol Have a great Friday nite all.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

humm a little bit of interest...

Water...i never think i drink enough...i just can't make myself..if i workout i drink water..thus i think when i am thirsty i drink. If i go for a long walk i bring water...if i drink too much..i have to look for a pit stop.... So with saying all this i don't think i am in any danger. But maybe some of you could / are ?? Anyhow i thought it was useful information i could tuck away.. one never knows when one might need it. WATER