Sunday, October 19, 2008

its Jennys Birthday!!!!!!

oley moley.... yea its been a long time...

went camping with my sons campout cubs yesterday .... was good.

didn't sleep. no surprise.

one over nite and i feel like a sitting zombie.. maybe that is what i should be instead of a tough mean fairy for halloween....

oye... fun times.. cold.. but fun.. .. but oh i am soooo tired.

but... wait this is not what i was posting about... i am posting because ToDay is my good buddy Jennaliscious's Birthday and how how how could i not post about that??

so Happy Birthday Jenny .. you are the best ... i know you rock rock rock. Thanks for hanging out with me. back door neighbors are so cool..

oye.... lets boogie tomorrow.. as i am too tired to offer any dancing tonight.

ps i found a new mountain we can climb... smile. might need some boots though.

love yah.