Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the weeks have tugged along.. and will tug on by... ..

i always here this song in my head when my B.S. are high....

At least i enjoy the song.... .. perks i suppose.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

i will start posting again...

i've just been spring cleaning with my family inside and outside my house. And working out this head of mine.. (sorting out my lifes valleys and mountains ..lots of emotions where the heart holds it all so close...)

progress on both : i can say there is a positive forward motion.. slow and steady...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

there are things i love about spring.....


the sunshine!!!! the blue skied sunshine.

birds. preferably chickens.. but robins are as great. ...flocks of them .. digging and chirping. filling my yard with wakefulness...

early morning coffee while sitting in the glorious sunshine... oh yes, yes, yes!

evenings that don't start at 4pm. ... ahh.. its still light out, at least till 6! (lol)

the promise of summer. The wonderful melting promises!! ...

the crisp snap of cold versing the spell casting warmth.. & witnessing the wArmth of Spring winning!!!!

lovin it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thursday March 17th 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

this was actually the night before, just a mini pint to get it all going.
one for my studmuffin.. we will see if he wears it.. lol

and some for me!!!

(sweet gifts from my sister)

Let the festivities begin..

(from my egg lady down the road)

how lucky am i !?!

did i mention .. there organic as well... hehe.

little beauts.

~let the peeling begin~

note my gorgeous new paddy's apron
Also made and given from my sister, how sweet huh!?!

and more peeling...

its the job that just goes on and on and on.... smile.

my hubby grindin the wheat for me

just keepin his da company.

(the face is because the making of Scottish eggs is taking too long)

~nice mess of herbs~

mixed with lean ground beef

wrapped around the boiled eggies

this is going to be good!

ready in 20!

oh the waiting... hehe..

smelling these bad boys, you know its sooo worth the wait!

And not to forget

these two condiments,
which are perfect with our eggies.

ready, set Go!..

at last!! suppa is ready!

and a special toast to my Grandpa who we miss and love dearly.

HaPPy hAppY my sweet Grandpa.

from your pirates..

Friday, March 18, 2011

my Cousins bridal pArty

~ the only one that didn't mind her face being seen~


the rest .. lol... not so much.

very good picture friendly feet though

(faces - not so much)

some feet were especially friendly...

so much in fact...

they immediately got


(the lovely bride to be)

(she too not very picture friendly!)


well i should add..

we had a really good night

(esp. the feet)