Thursday, January 29, 2009


dont get too excited..

its just a new page.

well life is as always.. busy. smile .. you know what i mean.

i wanted to go over some glory days from 2008... but it takes so blasted long....
so memories,, ... well some are fading ... some are still new... and some dreams are coming true....

bit late for a welcoming 2009.. But i am welcoming it none the less...

i do have some new trails i hope to wonder on this year.. and a few familiar ones of course.

last year was pretty great for moving .. i think it was my strongest one yet.

the future is only moments away.. and i am wanting to making the most of them

well speaking of future moments ..ha .. life in wiebevill is calling me.

don't fall over just cus i updated.. lol... and yes i will again... blah...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

starting the year .. party hardy...

my boy turned 17... it feels like a real mile stone.. eesh... too soon he'll have his N..
family and friends came to join us...

.....sweet and sour meatballs, jasmine rice.. greens.. & ciders..

~~~later with more family and lots of cake... smile~~~

it is hard to believe that i held this big muscular kid.. he was so tiny, my 7lb140z bundle that came from heaven.. .. such a little guy.. ..

the bestest wishes to you my son.. we love you!!

...on to Robbie Burns.. .Saturday 24th..

our little drummer...

carrying in the Haggis... (whoot whoot!!)
after dinner dancing.... er .. well trying ((hehe - smile))

fantastic as always..
can't wait till next year...