Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today after my swimming lesson while changing, i over heard a conversation with a caregiver to her very young child,,

So how are you feeling about your swim lessons?

i feel gggreat!

Do you think you will pass salamander and go on to starfish?


Yup! .. i agree!!!

i feel great!!

The plan is to go and practise tomorrow morning. (no lessons - just go .. and practise!!)

How do you like me now!?!?!!!


(((a terrible, wonderful, very large smile that is!))


At 12:00 p.m., March 11, 2011 , Blogger joni said...

ok so i didnt make it to the pool.
(6:30 was just too early)

But .. you know i ain't stopping.

At 11:05 a.m., March 14, 2011 , Blogger Jenny said...

Keep up the great work friend...btw...I still miss you..♥


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