Tuesday, November 30, 2010

31 Day Picture Challenge.. humm.. What a better way of making December even more fun!?!

Day 01 - A Picture of Yourself With Fifteen Facts.

Fact one) Married 15 years.
Fact two) i still can't spell fifteen without looking it up first.
Fact three) i have 3 gorgeous boyz
Fact four) i get annoyingly stressed about meetings or tests.
Fact five) Red wine and i agree on all accounts.
Fact six) i have traveled more in 2010 in all my life put together.. well its close..
Fact seven) i fell in love with Hawaii, Oahu.... sooo in love.
Fact eight) i belong to a pirate sister pack... we haven't drawn blood.. but you never know.
Fact nine) i bake no matter the weather,... in life or outside.
Fact ten) i make damn good cookies.
Fact eleven) i am a Believer.
Fact twelve) i always think it's odd that believe has lie in it.
Fact thirteen) i don't know why there would be a morning unless coffee is there to greet me.
Fact fourteen) i love waking up early just to have coffee.
Fact fifteen) Every night i am happy i get to have coffee in the morning.