Saturday, June 27, 2009

field trip #3

Our class just loves field trips.. haha.. but 'truth' we do!! we do!!!

This is to Herman's Creek.. letting our fishes go.. smile.

Ben waiting to come with me.. (the kids are eating a snack-left overs from yesterdays trip)

its raining .. its pouring..

cool bugs.

A small award given to our teacher for her many years of sharing this experience with her students.

What a great class we had .. an extra amazing teacher .. a wonderful grade 5 year..

on to grade 6.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Our very big field trip to Huckleberry Mines .. and then a sleep over and then to Fort St. James.

Ben's grade 5 class had a wonderful teacher full of incredible spunk .. so we had a few field trips this year.. hehe smile...

We left Terrace at a very early 6Am on a Wednesday morning..(with a very large cup of timmys) and drove straight into Houston..(LOL actually we stopped so often i was beginning to fear we'd not make it for the awaiting bus) Many bathroom breaks.. until we could coordinate our untimely deed to be timed together! And then there was the very fast stop to the shoulder, so one member could empty his car sick tummy. (only two people that i know can be sick and say, "well that feels much better, is there anything i can eat?"- gag gag) Then we jumped onto a bus and rode for another 2hrs .. up up up .. awesome .. so many bears i lost count.

upon arrival i spotted a someone i knew.. hehe so i took a picture of him to prove to his wife he works hard.. smile... (this was in the cafeteria)

On to adventures.. i haven't a clue how to discribe what all these machines do.. but it was stinky, extremely loud..and very interesting.

Coming back to the cafeteria so the two groups could fuel up and then switch directions.

((i spotted the man again.. still hard at work i see.. lol. Aren't i a meanie))

the actual size of these big boys was really incredible.

We got to take home as much rock as we could carry.. very cool. This was very fun to take part in and watch. HAHA the boys all wanted the BIGGEST rocks.. But in the end it was our Teacher who managed to get the biggest
Our tour guides..

Yeah not quite strong enough for that one .. lol.

Other than our teachers very large rock .. that i don't have a picture of .. this was the coolest sample rock found. Incredible colors and layers..very awesome.
my picture doesn't do justice on how wonderful it was.
Next Day: bugle please.............. hehe caught a couple still snoozing.

Our group of students were awesome. It really was a joy to be part of this experience with them.

At Fort St.James

Two very cool cats.

These girls were just outside the kitchen. You opened a door while you were in the kitchen and it lead into the coop. It was set up so well .. need an egg .. no problem .. just a quick look in the closet.. haha... i loved it! Of course the lovely fresh ceder sawdust made it all look and smell so appealing - might not be so nice if the cedar chips weren't fresh each day, and if i was the one who was always freshin it!!

The door to the coop was to the right of the girl.
the stove was huge.. i still think i would be a very happy wife with that ole girl.
This was outside of the same house.. which lead to a nice fenced yard for the milking cow (or for me .. goats) all of the fort was so fun.. i wanted blue prints!!
The door to the coop and a stove that i had to take one more picture of.

The kids had a lot of fun with this ....

exactly.. build your own little fort..

~good participation by all~
.. time for some trapping.. er spearing .. er get em some fur for trading.

holding their well earned furs.. lol
We then went to the tradin store and the students had to tell what kind of animal they had trapped and when (was it last fall winter spring??).. the trading lady was watchful of any dirt or tear...and she wanted the trappers to really barder with her .. a lot of fun. Everyone received at least one or two candies.. and a couple made such a good stories they received three.. hehe it was super fun.

This chair was the LaZy-boy model back then.. its super cool. (more blue prints please!!)

smokin a real cob pipe.. ..well pretend smokin a real corn cob pipe!!
(what kinda school do you think we have?)

chore time.. smile.
A few sports to end our day of fun and history lessons...

Absolutely a wonderful experience.. the Fort was really well set up .. the people were friendly and made the time very enjoyable.

and then my batteries died.

We left after we ate our packed lunches and drove all the way .. straight way .. with one gas stop .. three bathroom breaks.. many 'nibs' (thank you Steven P) and very loud music... (smile).. HOME.
Because you know.. this was only Thursday.. and we still had one more field trip to go.. bahhaah