Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas morning 2008

For my brother.. who wasn't with us in Canada this year. We love you and wish you were here... sending lots of love.

the waiting..

Probably for me.. got to get that coffee first.. (hehe)

was i right or what.. !!! actually my Jer bought me the timmys mug.. (which i wanted more than coffee..if that is possible)

~~ lovin it ~~

Benny helping saige with her little present.. which i have to say she was so funny and looked like she totally understood what we were doing. lol

She took it and ran to her basket and sat there enjoying her new bone for the whole of our present opening morning.

we usually start with youngest to oldest....

this year oldest to youngest...
(...note the coffee already in my clean new cup) says 'bahhumbug'

surprise present from mom..
and one from .. who ??? Santa!!!!

...And the gift that took it all...

two very happy boyz... well we all played .. and no one thought to take anymore pictures.. lol