Monday, February 28, 2011

So on Friday, i finally decide it was indeed time to put away the winter dishes.
i do like to keep them out as long as possible, cus they are fun and festive. But it is a total relief to have them all put away.

Most of us were happy about it.
Change can be refreshing!
~Although, not so much from this member~
"what about frosty!?!"
"just leave him out!"
Nah,, look how happy he is.

sigh.. the spring dishes are out
and we have declared Spring is in the house.
((i also turned up the heat - so we would actually feel the feeling))

now that the table is clear... what to bake!?!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

i realized today that there is only one more day.. and then i am back to swim lessons......

(can you see the trouble in my brow?)

its only a half hour lesson.

nothing a half hour is that long.... .. its just 30 mins. Fast. .. nothing to even stress about.

ever wait outside for a ride? In the cold .. or have to wait 30 mins at an appointment ..
30 mins before you can use the facilities..and you reallllly got to go!

whimper whimper, more like wimp! .. ahhhh the pain & grief of conquering fears .. or or .. BuBBle blowing!

sigh... well at least i still have tomorrow.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Keep those DVDs a coming!!!

Hey i got the dvd, its awesome!
Don't you just love a good workout on a Friday night.

so nice .. its Friday.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sunshine moments

~with tears~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

startin from the basics...

~Adult swim lessons~
Well i went!! i can't say i loved it. i can't even say, i am excited that i will be going twice a week. But i can say, i was there blowing bubbles in the water
kickin my legs and trying not to freak out while i blew those dang bubbles.
Remaining calm wasn't an option
The stress of just going, sent my poor bs up 4 units.. goodness..
But i have signed up and paid for the next 5 weeks.
((what have i done!!))
Thanks B.D. for all your encouraging out pours on fb, you are the true champ here!!
i have wanted to join for 2 years.
Here i am.
Not looking very confident or for that matter .. not even sounding it...
But here i am looking forward to getting way past the stage i am at!
(the part i really like.. i am finally doing something about it)

Monday, February 21, 2011

hey i just kicked my Mondays arse!! (and maybe mine too!!))

i am always amazed at how good one feels after a workout.
thanks Charlene!
i just found my next purchase!!!
hope its a gooder.. or i am calling Jaime!!
Cus i know her ball classes are most brutally good!!
*editers correction: Charlene isn't with a r. Correct spelling is Chalene*


Sunday, February 20, 2011

what a day

~just saying~

Friday, February 18, 2011

a little blogger catch up...Monday Valentine's Day

~Valentine's Day~

My day was busy, but sweet. i cleaned my laundry room and rearranged some other places in the house that had been beggin me to help them out.

Sheldon's Ma brought over a beautiful black forest cake.

which made a perfect after school snack for 7 very hungry, thankful, happy people!!(tweens/teens)

i also put 4 lunch containers away for some lucky person(s) the next day.

This board of love was wiped clean in less than a half hour..... goodness.

~on to my sweet heartz suppa~

this may shock a few of you out there..

But yes .. 'it' is what you are thinking. .. And my youngest two think this is the best meat ever!! (who would have guessed!?!) .. lol,, and their friends like it as well.. which is a real bonus for me, cus 'it' be very cheep!! more for everyone!!!

...i promised my mAn that i would make him sweet 'n sour meatballs..

so i followed through with the plan...

but it seemed a good idea to serve a roast as well...

(jk,, i put it away for the next day!)

((i thought of you Pete!! Someone who would really appreciate all this man meat food!!))


Chocolate Turds

Which if i make again... will be served the next day!!!
Now that's a treat!!!

And... my suppa... which was so delicious.. i think it may have been the best salad i have ever eaten... and it was only 315 cals
(i am smirking - wait for it)

which went very nicely with the chocolate covered strawberries
at 50cals each.

i was waiting for my hubby to grab my camera.. and he got me.
(but i like it .. lol.. i look long and skinny, sorta..hahaha)

and to finish off our day

.... well we worked out, in our freshly cleaned workout room.

(goodbye chocolate covered strawberries)


February 12th 2011 - our first Fire Pot - Saturday Night

Invite to a love-pot.. err,, i mean Fire Pot Feast!

this was so amazing .. so fun!!!

What a rich, warm, friendly night.

~celebrating with friends and loved ones is by far the best cheer~

just look at all those ingredients!!!!

oh mercy!!!!!

waiting is pure torture!!!!! hehe

(my bowl is sooo excited!!!!)

The POT is READY!!!

fill me bowl!!!

(there was many 'full' bowls that didn't get documented)
~sorry about that.. haha~

alas .. fullness finally did come.

and the people were content.. and very very happy.

thank you thank you thank you

i felt so spoiled

~a girly date~

My Girls Valentine Cookie Building Day, got thrown for a loop as my house had a nasty flu in it for two weeks..

No problem.. when we can't bAke .. we skAte!
(hehe.. come on, that was worth at least a small grin)

these girls really do rock

when the skating was done.. we went shoppin,

(thrift store shoppin that is)

(note the matching skirts)

my girls are so sweet.. they must have told me a zillion, billion thank yous & love yous!!

~~and to wrap it up ... we had a little refreshment~~

what a perfect wonderful amazing girly day

i am soooo lucky.


and am so thankful to have these beauties in my life