Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Terrace Mountain.. up up up...

This time on the hill we headed straight up..

good views from the top.. but it was a tad overcast with a hint of smog.. although the air was still fresh.

..pic just for you Jess..
cus we knew you would laugh at how many dogs i brought up with me

another great hike.. thanks for some new memories gals

Monday, May 26, 2008

saige ... 10 weeks old

some say we are nuts..



Monday melt down... me and my puppy had a long nap together today..

it was very nice to have nap-time company ... and very unlike me to have a nap.

maybe i could get into it more often?


well she is very soft, sweet and cuddly

sunny days just aren't as fun......

i really miss those toes...the ones with the black birks on... sigh... i hope the red ones are having fun with her.... anyone wanna go for a walk? or run... .....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May long weekend camping trip...

Our first morning ...
little troopers...

getting the fire hot hot hot...

Benny still a bit sleepy..

Sonja getting a bit acquainted with ms molli..
note: Sonja rocked .. at the end of the weekend she was even petting my two beasts..
wtg girlfriend.

Jess!!!! did we wake you?? hehehe
no worries .. coffee is almost ready!!

whoot whoot.. brew time!!

that cuppa joe saved my whole day!!

~walk time~

at the top..

the water was really muddy, high and rushing like nobodies business...

nap time... well for some.

...resting and relaxing

(one of Jessica's million dollar smiles....)

Company Time!!!

in these hills are at least 5 boys.
my woodchopper Jer....

family time...

smore time......

we laughed, we walked, we ran... some did yogo.. we grumbled about not doing yogo ..(well actually i grumbled) we hauled water, made so many bodums of coffee we had to get more beans from town.. lol .. we whined about our neighbor's generator and mean dog..(oh that was me again..) ..some tried to rest, we may have even slept a little?... we stayed up late and chatted until there wasn't enough voice left to crackle a chuckle... we drank.. we ate.. we ate we drank...we drank and ate *wink*... we bathed in the smoke of mosquito coils.. we used an outhouse that had large spiders living in it...(except for the ones i stomped on-sorry Alley) we kept our fire burning.. sun soaked as best we could. wore toques and short shorts....cleaned as little as possible... set up and took down our camping gear..(with a little bit of help from two guys in the beginning- thank you Adam and Sheldon) ...we put up with crazy family and wonderfully clean guests .. dogs, children and lack of sleep... we even laughed instead of gasped at the gases that may have been passed...haha... And for sure ... all in all we had a mega good time.

and girls i would go out with you again in a heartbeat
...i loved it ..... i love youz...
thank you thank you thank you