Sunday, July 13, 2008

concerning the weather.

i did randomly hit the blogs yesterday night and i had started this comment over at Gwen's. But because of the length... i took it back and am leaving a short blog... it started like this.

Gwen so many things id like to leave comments on .. but at this time i only want to address the weather...

ahum... i noticed a little glumness Gwen and i need to try and encourage you.....

There are many people in Terrace at recent feeling rather depressed about the lack of warmth... and maybe even sun. Although, there has been many lit up days.. just not so many that where warm. We know 'the whos' who love the sun .. who needs the hot rays... who bake in its glorious sticky hotness ....but, and i say this compassionately, do you know about the 'others'? There are 'others'. Those who live in Terrace and cannot abide the heat... they live in basements with fans and air conditioners and fridges full of ice. And for the most part of our summers we hardly see them. Oh maybe they make a dash before dawn or a trudge after nightfall.. but rarely are they able to come out... these 'others' are rejoicing right now.... Yes it has been a tricky summer for the sun seekers... and even i have been known to be taking my daily dose of vitamin D from a jar (ha).. and if you are really lacking, go to the tanning beds until the heat returns.. (it does a mind good- i went to Fiji a few times-smile)
And so my lovely Son lover friend... (smile-wink)... don't be glum. There are others who are amazed to have such little warmth in July... i suspect most of them 'others' are pretending to hate it as well.. But i ask, who do you see more this summer than ever before? ..shh moms the word, if you suspect them....we don't want a riot. Oh those basement seekers, those haters of heat are roaming freely this summer that is for sure. Enjoying the cool fresh and sometimes grey weather, gallanting around, seeing friends and their slow growing gardens, ...nodding in agreement that everything is behind where it should be .. looking concerned, sharing the worry of not getting a hardy crop in.. tisk tisk.. All the while, secretly rejoicing that they are outside with you in your wooles and them in their tankies... chatting!! I must say though.. this is pretty incredible weather to hike in, No HeAt Exhaustion that is for sure, with our air so fresh makes for easy breathing as you climb up up up.. and everything is green green green. (geez my Grandfather would roll in his grave to hear me chat like this...sorry Gramps) AND Just to clarify, i have in no way any super-weather-powers.. other than i can smell snow coming. smile.

Gwen .. i love you girl.. and if i did have some super weather powers.. id place the warm hot sun wherever you be walking. Common i'll treat you to a margarita in Fiji this week, and if you really like it we'll go again the next day. ~smile~

Saturday, July 05, 2008

i am not blogging ...

in case your wondering.