Monday, March 31, 2008

..its a beauty out there .. hope you all can pick up a little vitamin D

Sunday, March 30, 2008

any guess?

So .. i thought, i would have a contest.. A Name that Plant Contest. And although i don't have a large gathering of blog readers.. maybe i have a few lurkers out there that will try to guess as well ... wink...
The prize you might ask? a trip for two.. no just joking .. hehe ... seriously... i am thinking up something tasteful and nice......

so what do you think? is growing so well... i am quite excited about it. i may have to grow a few is shooting up so fast... (It does resemble bamboo a little Gwen, but no its not)
So leave a comment .. tell me what you think.
Oh ..closing date?... the end of April.

seWer sUnday

"No worries hun .. i don't mind mopping that up.."

this morning started as always with a lovely cup of coffee.....

the sun was already glimpsing up from behind the mountain... and the sky a glorious promising blue....

a good day.

so i thought ... well better start cleaning up .. so i can get out and play outside.

laundry being high on the list .. started it going..

and then a much over due job.. my little sunny's cadge. He promptly escaped and flew into the sun room.. hehe i don't blame him .. a stretch of the wings must feel pretty good. ... washed up his cadge, caught him .. back in his cadge..

and then i was just getting back into laundry and my 9 year old hollers "TURN OFF THE WATER!!!!DON'T USE ANYMORE WATER!!!!"
... sigh... well wasn't that a grand sight. .... gross.... we just had our sewer pumped on Friday, but it looks like one of our pipes must have gotten plugged so up it came .. in the basement. again. mop mop mop. bleach bleach bleach. (i can so hardly not wait anymore for our new system to get in. beyond hope i am ...mercy) sooo after all that... ick. back to laundry.. more tiding and cleaning and look at the time... eesh ... late again. and the sun disappeared... waaaaa
yea that is more like it.

Friday, March 28, 2008

weibeville has decided that our little guinea pigs name is .... nutmeg

(funny, when we decided on the name we didn't realize but now we have a molli and a meggie,.. silly i know)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

apron mania...

Thanks to Jenny i have an enormous apron want list.. hehe .. i do love a good apron.. actually i just love aprons period, but beauty's such as these are too good to pass up!!

sooo hehehe.... i bought the book.

Eco Chic Everyday Housewife Apron Pattern
Eco Chic Everyday Housewife Apron Pattern

Everything old is new again. This once vintage clothespin apron is back with style and purpose.

This pattern is complete with easy to follow instructions and FULL SIZE patterns, ready to use right out of the package. NO NEED TO ENLARGE, CUT OR TRACE. Instructions have accompanying photos to guide you along - and if that isn't enough, you can contact me for help. This is an easy project that requires only basic sewing skills. Adult and child size included.

INTERESTED IN A KIT? I can provide you with a kit to include fabric, bias trim and interfacing for an additional $10.00 (plus shipping cost) for an adult apron. All you will need to do is provide the thread and tools. If you are interested in a different fabric than shown on the pattern or other combinations, please contact me.

Please note that this pattern is intended for your personal use and enjoyment only. Reproduction of the pattern or to use for mass production/resale is prohibited.

All content and design © 2008 EVERYDAY HEIRLOOMS

now all i need is a seamstress... hehe oh yea i do know one. (i like the fabric of the ones up there^ hehe) do U still think i am a good blogger/storyteller?

i will be posting on that lovely card you sent me.. which made me bust out laugh/crying .. i am quite sure my poor new guinea pig (nutmeg) and little canary (sunny) surely thought i'd lost it...or that they were in for it! ..quite the scene .. sun streaming into the sun room - which i had just freshly moved about .. and the pets getting their daily dose of vitamin D ... a small fountain that my little sister gave me trickling ever so happily, two wonderful wicker chairs with April Cornell pillows atop of them ....all very serene.. i had wanted to snap a few shots of the prize envelope before i opened it ..i had it sitting on my wicker chair.. but alas the camera didn't want to cooperate with me. (the 'mr' fixed it just hours ago - phew - i thought i broke it) So as i was unable to wait .... i promptly sat myself down .. and with great eagerness, opened the letter in the company of my pets..... and instead of great queenly composer or at least keeping in mind the small hearts i would soon be scaring .. i burst out laugh crying. Not quietly i might add .. In a snort sobbing kind of way ... it sounded quite awful. Plus i just couldn't keep myself from gasping words out loud...(i will spare you of what i managed to get out - hardly recognizable even to myself) egad, i was starting to even scare me. i did keep glancing outside the window to make sure no one was passing by (crazy lady lives here)

....The letter was painfully kind. One that i will cherish all my days. i am so blessed to be loved by you. a kindness i feel unworthy of. sniff sniff oh dear my screen just became blurred.
Thank you Alley. thank you very very very much.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

new coffee on the block...

quite good indeed...

can be purchased at a Copperside Store near you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Last day of spring break.......

Lets go for a walk/bike ride boyz... hehe

off to the back eddy...

thunder always loves a good swim

at this point ... i was ok... so i took one last shot...

very shortly i became very concerned. She wasn't making it out. and she was loosing her stamina.. oye... so i put away the camera ... and darted down the bank....after i had her i had sent Mal home .. To get Jer... i just didn't know how cold i was going to be after i climbed the hill.. or if i was going to fall mercy.

but Ben and i made it home before the boyz could get to us... and i was cold.. but nothing like a good run to help you warm up. haha
safe and sleeping

tired and a bit over done...
Malley rode his lungs off getting home as fast as he could. He was most excellent in what could have been a situation...
Ben my little faithful.. would not leave me .. even when i said he could ride up ahead..

Ha and me .. a lovely shade of red... haha

well it wouldn't be right to not have an adventure the last day of spring break ... right?

my only regreat is i was taking all the pictures..haha kidding!! but i am quite sure i must have made a few good shots,....hahaha.. walking down the log... trying to sit without getting wet... taking the plunge (legs only, well some of my chest..i was sitting on the log in water) and pulling molli out... and then walking back up the log, on all 4's!!! well to my defense i was slopping wet!! haha.. and then running home. well at least i got my run in today!

In other news... this is a little fellow that is doing quite well.... can you guess what kind of plant this is??

Maybe i should have a prize for the winner??