Monday, January 31, 2011

Macho Monday!

Macho Monday,,

Started with waking up feeling good. That was before coffee.. after COFFEE i felt Macho Strong!!
We had a good whip out for a Monday morning!! wtg wiebez!!
And i must say the day went by pretty smoothly too .. . It is so good to have a body feeling as good as the mind.. (only one tiny headache and no advil needed - hehe) Even the evening was a gooder!!

hiccups to the day, which can deflate some of a very good day..
.. ..feeling for friends with real health issues.. Issues that baffle or aren't curable .. the ones that you know only Gods grace can fix.... and sometimes the fix isn't what the loved ones want and sometimes the fight is so great and the body so tired... and true too, sometimes the victory is so amazing, so complete, so God. ...sigh.. knowing believing fearing faithing leaving giving hoping .....resting ... and many many tearing all in between.

Its a cold Monday night.. but i have warm arms to snuggle into .. .. and my arms can snuggle him right back.... i am very thankful.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

soothing Sunday...

Soothing Sunday...

.. being prepared somewhat for the Monday sure helps sooth away the unfriendlys..

.. getting back to basics .. family.. food .. health.. God. Hearing encouraging ministry. .. soothing for the soul.

Having all my lovelys (my boyz) home tonight.. very soothing, especially for my soon to be sleep.

Looking forward and feeling somewhat rested, is for sure a calm feeling on this Sunday night.

Freshly showered, mug of hot lemon water... in this moment, i feel pleasantly happy.

(of course don't let me kid you .. there is always a calm before a storm.. hehe)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

short saturday.

short Saturdays..
the shorter is not always the better.. Saturdays are a day that could be a real day of 'whatever'.. pick a place, a want, .. a get out and about..go for visits, get some coffee dates on, clean house, projects!!! lists.. whoot whoot !! let that train whistle blow!!! (that is me - smile,, rootin for my family to follow!!) or ...

Or rather nothing to get at, or no one to see and definitely nothing to go to ...kinda day.
A day in pj's .. coffee.. tv.. books.. mellow minds mellower bodies. (that's me sick)

Our day started mellow.. we slept in (a first in weeks) but i woke with a nasty headache that wouldn't let up.. arrg,, i was just beginning to think my gels weren't going to help me AND finally they kicked in.. And then, so did we ... ((smile)) and it got pretty busy!! .. we did go out and have some mini lunch with a special cousin in town.. we did run down Ferry Island with our kidz and actually run for 20minutes!!! ... we did drop off some cookies to a potluck.. (although there was NO getting my family in to visit or partake!).. but we dId drop by at a close friends and had an impromptu coffee visit, while our boyz built Lego worlds .. and now.. we are about to venture out yet again and have a supper date! .. wow. Go wiebes go!! goodness.. musta been a bit of a record breaker for us.. lol.

And with all that ... it seems like it was rather a short day!

Hope you all had a good one.. One more day before Monday hits.. enjoy!

Friday, January 28, 2011

freakin friday

well i want to tell all about the nasty freaky Friday special!! but i have been warned that i will be banished if i do. Not that banishment is so bad.. but being its not about me .. i suppose i wont tell.

soooo .. what else is freakin.. ???
It's freakin cold out.... lol
i have had two freakin headaches in the last two days ... but nothing my extra strength gels won't fix.. so thats not that special.. haha.
i have freaked out slightly about my vision as of late.. but again i don't think its that bad.. i just usually have exceptionally great eyesight, and it has been off a wee bit. .. humm headaches eyesight.. i may have something here.. lol.

i am currently freakin happy about future developments.. health wise with this family. And extremely happy about future trips.. one in particular.

and i am just sooo glad today is Friday with or without all its freakiness!!!!!

Have a good one and be safe!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turdy Thursday?

ah.. just kidding.. today was really quite good.. sun came out after a long week of very dark cold rain... meet up with two coffee dates.. (girlfriends rock) .. had a good lunch with my middle son.. baked my youngest his favorite monster cookies.. (the basketball team loved them!)..
worked out with my handsome hubby..(Jillian is very good) and now i am going to cozy down and read a bit before bed....
the only turdy thing was out on my front yard.. oh the joys of washing away the snow.. ick.

later !

ps.. it is almost Friday!!! whoot whoot!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wonder wednesdays....

well wonder Wednesday.

i am wondering when all the rain will cease .. (the word 'cease' actually took me a few moments.. lol) do i like rain more than snow.. or snow more than rain.. i think i really like Hawaii.

i am wondering if my extra weight will vanish just like the extremely large people on Biggest Loser each week... .... sigh..

wondering if my truck lights are the reason my night vision seems to be lacking entirely.. or is it my eyes..

wondering if carb counting ever gets easy??

should i just bring in my wedding rings and get them sized.. or .. wait. longer.

and i am wondering about my kidz and life and their lives and life they are going toward.. sigh...

"rain rain go away.. come out sun .. its soooo time to play"

So, what you wondering about??

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trivial Tuesday

well.. i suppose i can give you a recipe or two.. that's kinda trivial to some.

i am trying out three new recipes tonight. Two Marinates and a lovely Greek potato recipe. i will even take pictures. (cus personally pictures are the bomb,, well to me anyway)

well bomb or no bomb .. i forgot.


the food was excellent. had great reviews.

guess i am to tired to post the recipes... lol.. ahh.. nothing like trivialness.....(which i doubt is even a word)

Monday, January 24, 2011

well .. i am thinking about spring.. and running.. and scaring people when i get the chance too.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

A girlfriend started yoga with Bob, so i barged in.. hehe... And i am loving it!!! Yoga with Bob Harper may just be my new love!!! lol

Who knew i would love it as much as i am. The names of the moves are all new to me, the moves.. not so much,, i remember many of those positions or very similar moves from the good ole workouts with F&F.

Ahh,, it feels so dang good to be working this body again.
Here's hoping 2011 be the year that doesn't burn out!! (smile) .. Here's to this moment and many forward.

Monday, January 03, 2011

arrg .. school tomorrow.

It seems to me that the winter break should be just as long as the summer one!!!
But we will settle for closure due to weather (smile)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

31 Day Picture Challenge - Last DAY!!!!

Day 31 - A Picture Of Our New Year

Well we were missing our oldest, so we took a picture of his boot.


~cheers ~