Saturday, June 30, 2007

dRaG racing!!!!

hey you all...

going out to the airport for the TDR today.. DRAG RACING ..that is!!!!

whoot whoot .... lets hear it roar boys!!!

Hey don't get me wrong i am betting on a wild little red thang and her ride. hahaha

who will take home first this weekend??

common guyz!!!! love you all...whoot whoot whoot

RACES as follows:

Saturday 10 - 5 ish "time trials usually last till lunch time...then eliminations begin at 1ish"

Sunday 10 - 5 ish dido

Monday is a rain-out if we loose one of the other days due to rain we will still have a race on Monday!!

*i think its $5.00 a day for adults... Kids are free*

EDIT i may have caused some confusion the way i wrote up the schedule earlier.. so i hope i have clarified it now...

no wins for Saturday but it was dry and sunny up there... windy too so come with a warm jacket!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

there is laundry a lot of dishes, sweeping, cleaning bedrooms, moving furniture around? and the moping is not going to happen... then i need to head off to town... eeek ...and i suppose i should think about supper sure is a Monday...
but i have a lovely yard that my men and i worked on yesterday to enjoy through my smudged windows... i am going to have a coffee now... hehe happy monday everyone...

*this girl must have an iron neck!!?!!or fluff for laundry-hehe*

Friday, June 22, 2007

fridays post...




stay away from me!!! you APPLE FRITTERS


save me save me save me....

too late... btw the coffee was good too.

you too can have one of these amazing bad boys from the cookie jar bakery, 1/2 price after 4:00
get them today..
eat lots ..
..and lots
and lots..

....devilish laugh...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

>Tuesdays too many<


i encouraged one little nose stud.. you are so crazy!!!
hope your hubby likes the new U!?!


Monday, June 18, 2007




too drained...sad too....

whoot whoot i have a nose stud and it sparkles in the sun light...
and best is my hubby loves it.
hello summer... sigh... nice.

humm now how about a tattoo?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

i did it i did it i did it!!!!

special thanks to Alley who so held my hand through it all...(big smile)

Sheldon loves it....

my boyz think i am a bit crazy .. but they are ok with it.



Friday, June 15, 2007

*whaa whoo its the weekend*

Actually its been a great week...i am really looking forward to my little plants sprouting ..and flowers blooming and my skin darkening...ok a shade of pink.. but its still better than neon white. haha

Lots of sports this weekend...the usual soccer tonight for Ben..but now Sheldon is on a team so he is off...and Mal and Ben have their softball tournament this weekend..Mal's game starts tonight..Am i scared? nah just a little divided..haha No worries one is at 6:15 the other at 6:30 and Sheldon will take care of himself.....of course all i can think about is what to dig up to make into more gardens...and where to plant what ...and "ole cow bat man, i need more dirt/manure again!!"

Ain't summer the best...ahhh this lovely weather does help the soul and body.

oh yeah kickBo at 5-6.. well i guess i better get supper on now..haha and do the lunch dishes ... hope you all are enjoying your day... weekend is here!!!! whoot whoot.

ps **i am soooo excited... i am getting something
tomorrow i have been sooo wanting !!!!*** giggle giggle..(Jenny shhh don't tell !!)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

.......would be 11 months.......

Monday, June 11, 2007

dig a little dream?

Dig dig dig...hum i have sooo much digging to do and i am doing so much i just might dream of dirt...Which would be an improvement overt last nights dream...

My dog was with me in the Northern...i was asking the front desk lady for someone?or something?.. i can't remember what? probably because i was traumatized further along in the dream... i really don't know why my dog needed to be in the lobby with me? ..but as it was a dream so be it... well as i am asking the lady about something? my dog walks over in the dinning room and takes a dump. how horrid is that? oh pretty awful...woke me right up..and i was so upset i couldn't really sleep after that.

This may be a sign i have issues about pooping dogs??.....sigh .. well you can be sure i won't trust my dog in the Northern!! that is for darn sure. eek .

Have a good evening ...its a beauty out there.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

HAHAHA i just read my last comment, from my last post...haha and i quote, "well, now the weather is crappy. where's the next blog entry?" haha i love it...Alley your the best!

Truth is i keep starting a new post and not getting it finished.... i have a few now that just aren't coming as swiftly as i want... oh well moving on.

i just got back from a wet walk...this is funny, i just got on my driveway..and the rain stopped. lol weather has humor? i be thinking so.

the river has gone down some... and i will admit the *eariness isn't as sharp as it was at the beginning of the week. thank goodness!! wasn't that freaky this week going over the old bridge?
*Thanks Christy for the spelling of Eariness which is: Fear or timidity, especially of
something supernatural.

Lots of birthdays this week... my baby cousin..
two good friends. (which i missed-eek)my brother..also my sister-in-law..
and a friends on Monday..
wow must have been a fUll moon out there!!

well as i said at the beginning ...i have some unfinished posts...
but just in case i never get them finished...

Best thoughts to you all...sorry if you didn't get my Happy's or a gift..

Sunday, June 03, 2007

sUnday nIght

i must admit i love being to tired to blog... it just means there is good weather and busy things it love it love we were too tired to even do we went to the hot springs for two hours...haha yea thats what i am talking about....haha We are 4 weeks till July. sigh... i love no school..we are planning some light and easy camping coming up..yahhh i am so looking forward to it. happy sunday night all.