Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tutt tutt .. looks like rain...
Tutt tutt... hope it rains..

bahaha- only because then i could use my new rad boots...

common .. they aren't so bad!?!... ..

well actually these girls are total bad ass boots. whoot whoot.

Monday, April 28, 2008

moping up....

the only thing good about sewer coming up in your basement...
(which is a lie - cus there is nothing good about sewer coming up in your basement)
.... is A beauty of a mop bucket to mop it all up with.
hello new mop bucket.



Sunday, April 27, 2008

late nite meal.. for Sunday supper...

Have you ever tasted or cooked Beer Butt Chicken before??
its awesome.
the Mr. asked me to cook it again... soon.

Allison is the Winner!!!! (along with Marg )

Yes we have a winner!! And the guess you have all been waiting for?!!!

my little stock has continued to sprout up ... and seems to be enjoying the sun spot it is in..
i hope to keep it growing and am looking forward to the rewards of blooms..... ?? maybe anyways.

So... Alley ... what what what shall be the prize?!! well because you and Marg won.. i must think a little longer on it.. i did have a gift .. but it isn't half able... so i must have a few more days on it.. but it will be fabulous .. hehe ... right !??! right.

trades fair pics...

this weekend was our city's Trades Fair.. a great time, especially for those who love free pens.

My favorite booth is the Fisheries and Oceans .. i love seeing (and touching) all there incredible marine life!!! this year i held many different star fish, a prickly little urchin, gently felt a sea cucumber (very squishy) and a feisty crab! whoa baby too cool!! plus all the dead and cold guys.. it was sad and fascinating to hold an octopus. -they are like little aliens-

this guy is a ratfish.. go figure.. rats under the sea!

i was helping out at another booth .. so i was there quite a bit Friday and Saturday.. my Mr. came and strolled through with me on Friday night... and i did get my Benny to come with me on Saturday.. so i guess 2 out of 5 is still a victory in some small way.. HAHA.

Benny holding his mr.crabby..WTG BEN!
Mr. Crabby says next time he's going to hold Benny!!

And who can resit a very good cone after a great day??
(the Mr. came and met us there)
and yes we did stroll down the path.. hehe
Ben threating me he is going to eat both cones if i keep taking more pictures!! HAHA

Saturday, April 26, 2008

WE SO HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

contest closed.

revealing of contest winner as soon as i get some time ......


Open two days
Fri., April 25, 2008
5:30pm to 9:00 pm

Sat,. April 26, 2008
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

AT: Terrace Arena
Banquet Room

Sunday, April 20, 2008

fashion fashion fashion......

last Saturday night....

i had two wonderful friends who came along...

sorry no head shots.... oops there mine..

this is a creepy ...er i mean.. A lovely table decoration... glass vase, pearls floating, and feather floating in water (that was the creepy part-reminds me of science lab) and small lights to enlighten our table ...

well the fashion show was lively and fun..

we didn't stay for the live band and dance afterward... but we had other ideas of how an evening could end.... ((wink-wink))

i will add that being with good buds make any event way more fun to be at.. thanks chums.. your the best....