Friday, July 31, 2009


The trailer

this is a clip of the movie that is coming.

This film, The Mountain Within, will be available to watch here in our own town the last week of August. Please go check out their site .. its super moving..
leave me a comment if you want to be invited to come watch.. if all goes well we will send out posters around town with more info, the wheres and whens . ... if all doesn't go as planned we will still have a show.. but maybe just at a house... (mine.. hehe)

i have waited over a year for this.. my eyes well up just thinking on it.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Aniversary...

we had a great day and an awesome night out.
14 years ...
i so love this man.

hey we had to keep it G' ish son was taking the pictures!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

PR sea fest 2009

Early morning walkabout .. while waiting for the big event.

hey i know these two! ~cheese~

ok .. this was man was my favorite (other than Malley of course) all day!!
He was so awesome i loved his dance!! wtg

the parade is a fair ways to walk, much longer than Terrace's ... and this year Mal said he had a lot more fun. .. i missed Alley and Ben .. but i had fun too.

Next stop .. lunch!

returning home from Sea Fest with Malley & Me... June2009

....after a day at Rupert.. i was getting a little too sleepy .. so we pulled off so i could get a little rest in. (and use the lou)
These are pictures my son took while waiting when i was napping and then our little walkabout. Some of these pics i am sharing, are with a true "grin and bare it" attitude.. (eesh the waking up ones especially - blah) .. but because i think his picture skills are very notable, and they really captured our little outing. ..i thought i would post our 'stop by'.. and i must say, he made it very memorable..

on another note Malachi is a wonderful gentleman.. his love for me and the kindness he gives me often amaze and move me deeply. i love you my son.