Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the aftermath of Christmas....

oh Christmas...oh Christmas... sigh....

well Christmas and the season has come and gone...all to quickly.. but with wonderful treasures and lingering sweetness...and memories i need to jot down before i forget half of them.

Way too much sweetness around this home...(chuckle chuckle ... i am running for Ms Claus 2008 - eesh i best be rUnning but not for Ms Claus!!) Which reminds me to say if you were on my list of sending you sweets... i have NOT forgotten.. time just slipped away from me. sorry... will you accept late sweets?

..Presently my toes are warm with woolly sheep skin encasing them...thank you santa!!*wink-wink* this was the first time santa has given me anything.. i really think he is softening up!

my head has a beautiful woolly toque on, that really makes me feel quite northern and wonderfully warm. (thanks for toque-tradin sistah.. among other things..)

And today i must wash my new pjs .. soft pink flannel with the carebear love-a-lot all over it. My oldest son totally surprised me with them on Christmas Ev. A wonderful thoughtful surprise!!

No major mishaps this year which i am thankful for... although?.. does an hour late for our Christmas dinner count?... which i realize isn't nice to make everyone wait...but it was a mishap i can live with, and i promise to do better... *PS 2 hours is needed for the whooping big pot of taters*... gee whiz it takes me a long while to really understand the much needed steps to pull everything off....i have been late two other times with turkey and mashed potatoes!! You'd think it would have sunken in .. (HAHAHA- thats such a laugh! i have been late so many other times it is not fUnny .. but i am talking jUst about turkey dinners) i did think i was so on schedule this time!!?... sigh... and so wasn't. Anyways.. although that really bothers me... it wasn't really major.... And i did mark it down in my turkey cooking page and will hopefully be all the wiser from now on.... for the next big turkey/mashed potato feast.
My brother Stan has been sick this season...actually both my brothers.. Stan being maybe the worst of the two. He has been taken it easy and is in good humor... but he has a cough and bad sniffles.

aahhhh (that was a contented sigh) ......Boxing day ... In our house it is all about the linger.. its about staying in new pjs ... watching a lot of dvds ... or pc gaming... maybe a few drop in visits (the kind that aren't planned) and wonderful coffee with chocolate. It works for us. We love it. Its unplanned and totally enjoyed. Absolutely NO cooking, cause there are loads of leftovers...(ha potatoes and turkey!!) ..its fun and calming... restful. A day without demands. Sheldon and i did venture out that evening.. (me in my new pjs) to drop off a late Christmas gift.. that was fun. And i got one as well...LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.....

Our Christmas Ev was with my side of the family this year. Dori hosted it at her place without any arguments..(from me) as her place other than others is big enough to hold all of it has a sewer system working. Dad and Mom are presently building a new home, so we shall see where Christmas will be next year! hehe .. i may have to wait a little longer for it to be here at weibevill. It was such an honor to have my brother Greg home, with his girlfriend Samantha, as they both are living in England we don't get to have them much. Family is so rich. It really takes all of us to make a our unit complete. All the crazies in a family just make it that much more laughable later. *smile* It was so great visiting with my bro... he was here most of December..Man i love having 'face to face' chats with him. ANd coffee in the morning is the bomb with you Greg!!! Sam arrived a few days before Christmas.. as she had her work until then. We so appreciate her coming. Getting to know her a bit better was really hard on the goodbyes. i am missing them already.

Christmas Day was with Sheldon's side and other than the mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey and us, being late... it was a nice time as well. Sheldon's dad brought his (motored) sled- so all the kiddies had a great time having rides. Jaime hosted it at her house this year as Jane and Ed are still building their dream house. But i must say with Jaime's new renovated kitchen/dinning room/living room... who wouldn't want it there?? ha Although i am quite sure next year will be back over at Jane's.. smile.

Wasn't that nice to have new snow Christmas morning? Beauty for sure... we thought it was especially nice for our Greg and Samantha who hoped that it would be white this year.

On Christmas morning we love to open our stockings and few gifts under the tree...We go for the wiebe tradition, youngest to oldest.. laughing and ripping open all the lovelys.. Stan is the most excited/ing person to have watching you or himself opening gifts. Totally fun.this is ben

this is mal
this is our happy mal
this is jer...hahahaha got to love your mother.

Note: our camera ran out of batteries ... about here. We so suck.

We read a story this year. It was called, The Pineapple Story, by Bill Gothard. A most excellent find. .. i didn't hear the entire story before so i really enjoyed it. If you have never heard of this missionary's story i encourage you to hunt a copy down.

Sheldon and the boyz holiday schedule were the same this year which was so perfect... so we are all very happy to be chilling at home without a lot of 'have-to-dos'... nice just relaxing, staying up late and sleeping in ... having waffles.. or cereal ... and of course a lot of merry making with family and friends. And as long as there is a little cleaning up around the homestead... hehe...(one still needs clean ginch and a clean cup for coffee) ... then all is good.

i can't say enough how much i enjoyed Greg visiting with us. He stayed with us his first night in Terrace.. although he could have had a much better sleep-in NOT with us. hehe What a wake up. My boyz were still in school as their holidays hadn't started... So to start the morning on a rather bad start we slept in a little, so straight off i (not my guys) was in hUrry Up mode. Although i always start by saying, good morning.. get up, etc. ..all very nicely and even the second time is warm and friendly... but coming round to third and four asking... this momma goes on the war path! And these wiebe boyz were not moving! Mal totally is refusing to get moving ..Ben is so out cold, he is not even moanable... ARRG!! Finally enough threats of what they will be missing for the day or week, win my boyz over and they start to show progress.. well at least they were up and moaning... haha so with promises that they are going to come down for breakfast i head down to make first: COFFEE, then breakfast, lunches and throw pleading calls to Jer, to hurry up with his shower! (actually i screamed "GET OUT OF THE SHOWER NOW!") ha.... mayhem? oh yeah... well Ben comes running down the stairs screaming that Mal is bleeding.. me running up only to find Mal hanging over his bed with his face looking way down with a nose bleed! aarrg. Didn't anyone tell this kid about the flow of gravity and how much faster blood pours out of your nose with your head way down by the floor!! (well i not so many patient words) ok.. clean Mal, floor, bed, sink and change a shirt....also give Malley a vitamin C. And Ben, because he doesn't want to have a bleed either. Ok everyone is dressed and clean.. need food ..hurry.... ok boyz eating.. Jer is getting almost ready... good .. Lunches ready...Then more MayhEm..... Ben shows off to his uncle, who is witnessing everything, and dumps a full glass of milk on himself, the table, chair and floor. He was speechless ... i not so much. ahhh!!!!! We are going to be so late. Again!!!! ok breath.....clean.. change ... and mop... eeeeek. So we scramble for books, bags and lunches..Greg my wonderful brother .. watches all this with his very good cup of coffee... smiling at my crazies,.. and saves us all by saying "i can bring the boyz to school if you want." Oh yeah .. i was so into that. And so were my pirates.. Although there was the slightest hesitation on my part... because of the huge amount of snow and ice....... Really the thought only flickered.. it was such a sliver of a moment .. but Greg saw it .. that cleaver guy. Anyways they all ribbed me for that one.. "Ha - Whats a matter mom don't you trust Uncle Greg's driving?? Didn't he drive here before? Doesn't he live in a big city? Don't you trust your own brother."...well of course, ..sigh and my truck is pretty darn tough. It would be awesome for anyone who is winter what was i so concerned about. nothing. HA! right!?! .. they did make it school ... but so safely??? i heard they had a great time on the way to school. A few snow banks later!! and not the usual short route either! (a word to the wise - the baby always confesses!) hahaha Uncles are by far the bEst.
and when my bro did return i got to relax and drink coffee with him, and we did laugh again at the all the work it took to get three capable boyz off to school. Brothers are the best especially with coffee in the morning.

We spent our new years with Greg Sam Barbie and our boyz here at wiebeville.. we did get one other invite, which we did want to go to.. but tiredness over came with our boyz help and then Greg called to see if him and Sam could come over... perfect. So we stayed put... Malley drummed us in to the New Year... totally cool.. wtg malley. We sung, we cheered, we whooted and were very merry. Thanks so much Greg .. you and Sam made our 1st 2008 very memorable .. we will have a hard time out doing that one...
New Years .. second away...

Malley drumming us in...

Sam and Greg applauding our drummer boy

Us girls.. whoot whoot

AnD Stan tHe Man

ps not to leave out Barbie's story about the cabbie... i just thought i would let her tell it. -ha-.. eeesh that was so bad, but other than that.. the nite was wooonderful!!

As you can tell the Christmas season was not lonely for us ... but i can imagine it was for some. And of course it is possible to be lonely with a lot of family or friends around you as well... If you were hurting or feeling alone this season ... my heart feels for you... i am sorry..... i wish there could have been new pjs, stockings, warm hugs and good coffee with love all around you and for you.....God bless ... and may this new year bring us all closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only beloved Son, that whosoever believe in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

well thats a wrap.

Finally i finished my Christmas post..gee it only took me till February!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

TWO GIFTS and A TON of bAkIng lEft to do... oh oh oh i am sooooooo excited!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

highly recommend this for your Christmas movie collection

... i really enjoy this little number ...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

oh chocolat.....

these are bad boys...

...especially with coffee

get em while you can

cus they don't last long .. let alone all year

..oh Christmas is so close..

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

oh elviS....

Friday, December 07, 2007

NO MORE MONEY!!! hehe good thing i don't believe that.

this is my husband. He is very unhappy ..thus the lack of hair. Its good that i like bald heads... not so good that my husband likes hair. (just kiddin about the no hair he has lots)

I am not a $budgeter$ ... i do however love very long lists, which i do like to 'flyer' for. i really love to get good deals.

It could be said i know how to spend money .. but not so much is said that i am the wisest spender.

I have heard my name in conversations of 'generous and thoughtful'..... but who remembers those sweet words when accounts are drained dry.


i never think its the thought that counts. i buy the thought every chance i get.

i can be trusted to save money during the following months. er... um.... there are some ... just give me a moment........ ... fudge. wait for it....i think .. March .

i may have given my husband some very unplanned trust issues with me... Also some anxiety... well alot of anxiety, especially around this time of year...(not so much in March- only one or two birthday parties that month)

i could have been ms. clause... maybe even santa ... if gender wasn't a problem...

i feel regretfully and sorry .......well i um i ... well i feel bad that my husband feels bad ....And i feel bad now... but think of all those happy present getters.... and how wonderful it all is and well...sigh..i don't think i should go uptown alone today.

yes i bad with money..

B- bankrupter

??does that work?? kinda sounds dumb. bankrupter isn't really a word. Bankrupted is and if it weren't for Sheldon i guess i could kinda do us in. ... Yes i do aggressively spend money. i love shopping. Especially Christmas shoppin!!! Its so the bomb.....And i am thinking my husband would say i am defiantly a disaster this time of year.
ok maybe it works...

Hey, he also says he loves me... with or without our money... *smile* isn't that the best?

He also doesn't think i will change.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

MOre bUtter tArts plEase!!!

quick updates....

the butter tart squares are gone.

the cheese is moldy...hehe actually it is fresh cheese from Smithers and its suppose to have its mold... and let me tell you.. its the bomb. esp on crusty bread, with dry red wine.

Tonight is Oklahoma ... OOOOOOKLLAAAHOMMMA where the wind blows softly down the plane .....................HAha you so don't want to hear me sing that. Yippee it really is Christmas season.. haha actually i have been enjoying the season very much. And this is another traditional thing my son and friends do. "Go Cal for another wonderful performance!!" well common now .. i do know it will be awesome .... it always is.

molli is huge.... when does puppy potty training stop? er i mean when will she be trained? how long................................... otherwise... we love her

My brother from England is home in 4 more sleeps... i am so happy.

My other brother is sooooooooooooo excited, as tomorrow night is the big pArty!! He is, ladies and gents.. eLvIs !! thanks to his other seamstress sister (the oldest one) he has the best custom of Elvis. He is so Elvis, its crazy!!! You really should have gotten tickets. Cus they are all sold oUt. GONE ...NOTTA and this is one Christmas party you should have been too!!! HAHA We have really been looking forward to this, yippee its finally here!

humm i have a long list of baking IOUs hehe.... are you on the list? Give a shout if you are, ok!!

Dalen: butter tarts(the especially good ones)
Chris: one hero cookie
Gwen: ginger crinkles
fRank: apple pie

i do believe others will come to my mind.*wink*

ok off for pizza before we are off to the play...whoot whoot so excited i can hardly stand it.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

i tried to blog about something .. anything.... it just isn't working.

i made butter tart squares the other day. Half are hidden... (good luck with that- as i seem to have hunters at the moment)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

just a little inside note... if your son or daughter has a project on Beavers don't be surprised if you get more bEaVer than you bargained for.

i would vote no images.

so glad i was helping my little lad.